Release Coming Soon!

Papyrus Author will be available for Mac OS X and Windows in 2018.

What is Papyrus Author?

Papyrus Author is the word processor that is hand-crafted for the modern writer. In its basic use, you can compare it to MS Word or LibreOffice. But what makes Papyrus Author different is its specialization on the needs of fiction and non-fiction writers.

Papyrus can help with all stages of writing a book, and you can enter at any point of a book project. Write from scratch or continue an old document. All features sit on top of the word processor and are optional.

Starting with an idea, you can plot and craft the story on the Thinkboard. Write the draft with the word processor and manage your story with the Navigator, Character Database and Timeline. When your manuscript is ready, go to editing with the Style Analysis, Readability and Direct Speech Check.
In the last step, produce your masterpiece. You can cast your document into an e-book, print-ready PDF, or one of many exchange formats. What do you need?

What can you expect?

  • A word processor that has matured to perfection. Papyrus Author stays lightning-fast and stable even with huge documents.
  • The Style Analysis is your built-in editor. If something would be taught in a writing course, Papyrus will often be able to point it out.
  • The Thinkboard is your brainstorm zone. Plot your story, build and connect events, and mold them into the chapter structure.
  • The Character Database holds all your characters, locations and items. The connection with the text makes managing your characters quick and easy.
  • Collect background info by dragging something from the web into Papyrus. This creates a Research Database. You can even use it to cite quotations and create a bibliography.
  • An author needs notes, comments, pictures and texts - all over the place. The Clipboard helps manage the creative mess writing can be.
  • Book Projects: Let Papyrus manage your file structure, including documents, Character and Research Databases and more.
  • An extensive manual that is fun to read yet informative.
  • Easy-to-use Grammar and Spellchecking.
  • Automatic backups and revisions secure your text and let you go back and check out earlier versions of your text.
  • Easily create a front matter for your books.
  • Produce finished e-books as mobi (for Kindle) or ePub (for all others) and high-resolution and print-ready PDF for your printing house.
  • Templates for Amazon, IngramSpark and more make it easy to output the exact formats you need. Papyrus Author is also compatible with MS Word to be able to exchange files.
  • Papyrus Author is hand-crafted for the modern author. Discover what it can do.