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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Wishes' started by Myron, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Myron

    Myron New Member

    A common layout problem is a heading orphaned at the bottom of a page while the text begins on the following page.

    This can be solved by using "Group Text", but you must first select the heading and the beginning of the following text. Since there is no way to create "procedural macros", this cannot be automated and then attached to a key-combination.

    Other programs typically have a "keep with next" that in effect "groups" the current line with the next line, which is exactly what is needed for the orphaned heading. The capacity for procedural macros is a more general solution.

  2. EarlyBird

    EarlyBird Member

    Dear Myron,

    if I understand you correctly, the option you are looking for is under \Paragraph\Special Paragraph Formatting.

    If it is not about headings, but simple text, look at \Documents\Layout\Text Wrapping
  3. Myron

    Myron New Member

    Right! Thanks. The only limitation that I see now is that I cannot create a shortcut to Special-Paragraph-Formatting / Keep-With-Following-Paragraph, which would be ideal.

    I should be able to create a single key-combination shortcut to keep-with-following with iKey (aka yKey), but I've been having problems with it under osMac 10.12.
  4. Hendrik

    Hendrik Administrator Staff Member

    When you use a heading or title style, you can set them to automatically group with a following text lines. This is on by default, no need to do this by hand. Maybe you want more than 2 lines, then go to Style→Advanced and change the number :)

  5. Milan Kovač

    Milan Kovač Member

    If you are using Mac OS X (aka macOS) than you can use Keyboard Maestro utility that will allow you to setup custom keyboard shortcuts for any application! https://www.keyboardmaestro.com
  6. Petar_MK

    Petar_MK New Member

    I think there is no need to specify the number of lines. "Keep with following/next paragraph" is just enough.
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