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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Wishes' started by Norman Rhodes, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Norman Rhodes

    Norman Rhodes New Member

    I don’t have Papyrus Author (macOS) yet but I’m really looking forward to it.

    Workflows have been with us since cavemen chased their supper across the veld. It’s no mystery to anyone here that 'serious' writing, research, academic, non-fiction, technical etc, involves using materials collated from multiple sources.
    In this digital think-space the practice of using an assortment of apps has recently enjoyed a boost in productivity from 'virtual autobahns' connecting tools and sources. What started with hyperlinking has evolved into url-callbacks schemes. Share extensions ensuring that the fruits of our efforts are piped to where we need them save us copy/paste labour, app switching and mouse or keyboard actions. The share extension dialogue box in Ulysses is like a mini Finder, text can be dropped with precision into any folder within its internal structure.

    I will purchase Papyrus Author (macOS) for its innovative features in the hope that the above will come along soon. Who knows, perhaps they have been written-in already ...
  2. glucose

    glucose Member

    Papyrus comes with extensions for web browsers (Firefox and Chrome, but not Safari) which I think allow for something similar to the share extensions of Ulysses (I’m not an Ulysses user, so this is just a guess after looking up the feature with Google).

    Look here:
  3. Norman Rhodes

    Norman Rhodes New Member

    Hi glucose,
    Thanks for your reply. As I understand it,share extensions are an 'agreement' by an app to allow others to send their data directly to it. This means that, for example, you can work in iA Writer and send the product (through iA Writer’s 'share button’) to any app that has a share extension scheme built in.
    In a sense, you (Papyrus Author [macOS]) need to be in the 'club' to realise the full benefits to your users. In these graphics I have copied text from, then, via Safari’s 'share button’, selected Ulysses as the target for my text clipping.

    safari-share.png 2019-06-11-forum.png
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  4. Hendrik

    Hendrik Administrator Staff Member

    We don't have a direct plugin into any third-party softwares at this moment. It comes a bit with our all-in-one approach. We're trying to set you up from your idea to the first page until the final book. Leaving Papyrus costs time that you could (dare I say: should) spend writing. It's just so smooth to have everything in one software.
  5. Norman Rhodes

    Norman Rhodes New Member

    Hi Hendrik,
    Scrivener has a similar approach to software design: the 'one-stop-shop'. The notion that one app can provide the best solutions to all work is an interesting one.

    Share - Out
    Without a 'Share' button, taking Papyrus Author (PA) text to other apps involves cut&paste. This loses part of the utility provided by PA in that users may be less inclined to use it as their primary writing app.

    Share - In
    We all have our favourite apps for research or writing. Our preferences, driven by particular features, fit our workflows developed over years. Finding a share extension to take materials back to your 'Hub' is crucial. There are work-arounds but they come with a complexity and time penalty.
    One side benefit coming with a Share Scheme is a Papyrus Author Popclip extension. Virtually every popular app has one. Popclip and TextExpander are my first two apps loaded onto new hardware.

    URL Callback
    The same is true for x-callback-url schemes. Linking back to specific pages within PA from any writing or note-takng app provides another reason to press the 'Buy' button.

    These facilities work for your users, as such their presence (or absence) becomes part of the selection process as most major (macOS-iOS) apps have them.

    Some apps I use to aid workflows.

    Highlights, Picatext, Hook, Aeon Timeline, DEVONthink 3, Vellum, Textsoap, iA Writer, Drafts 5
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